Panettone vegan spelled with raisins ecological 750g of artisanal elaboration

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Panettone Vegan of spelled with ecological raisins of artisanal elaboration. Handmade and with the best 100% ecological ingredients, of the highest quality and natural mother mass of your own cultivation.

  • Natural mother mass: elaborated with natural mother mass of cultivated and cared for in the observer by our bakers, with which we got a nice panettone both textures and flavors.
  • No lactose or egg: We do not use milk or products containing lactose in our worker. This product does not contain egg or animal derivatives.
  • AOVE: Using extra virgin olive oil in our elaborates we get a much healthier product.
  • Ecological: Elaborated with 100% ingredients of biological production and packaging in 100% recyclable polypropylene.
  • Complete flours: elaborated 100% with full spell flour. This is the ground grain with its bran, endosperm and germ.


Integral Specal Flour *,Chickpea flour*, Natural mother mass of spelters *, Raisins* (7%), caramelized orange peel *, extra virgin olive oil *, integral cane sugar *, Integral oatmeal *, Salt and cinnamon *. (* of biological production)

Useful life

Preferred consumption of 4 months.

Nutritional information

Nutritional information for 100g

Energetic value

1171.52 KJ.

280 kcal.


6.9 G.

of which saturates

4.5 G.


46.5 G.

of which sugars

18.5 G.

Dietary fiber

3.3 G.


6.4 G.


0 G.

Regulation Council, Certifications and Records

European ecological certificate Certificate of Ecological Agriculture CPAEN NNPEK Navarra Ecological Agrarian Production Council

Navarra's Ecological Agrarian Production Council - Nafarroako Nekazal Produkzio Ekologikoaren Kontseilua (CPAEN-NNPEK.)

EU control authority: "Es-eco-025-na"

No. operator: 28

Health Register (since 2000)22,33907 / NA.


Our workers produce products with gluten flour, so we don't have any products to label Gluten-Free

In addition, it also produces products containing other allergens, such as nuts, eggs, raisins and sesame seeds.

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