Bakery, pastries, and ecological support for Horeca

Packaged with thermal sealing and modified atmosphere. Fit for your conservation in freezer

Wide range of products with which to cover the needs of Channel Horeca.Comfortably, tasty, quality and sustainable.

Discover the wide variety of perfect products for Horeca channel: Special breads, breads and bagels for sandwiches, pizzas, hamburger bread specifically designed for Horeca channel, pastries and pastries.

Gourmet quality products produced by craft day after day:

  • 365 days a year
  • Always with Urgent national shipping

With the guarantee of more than 20 years of experience in the sector that will give security to your business and its customers.

We use raw material of organic origin, chosen by our bakers teachers with its own recipes that shine by cleaning their ingredients.

XXL toast with tomato, serrano ham, piquillo pepper and garlic

Toast made with Mold Bread XXL Bliopanaderia

Special mold bread for toast that will perfectly accompany any ingredient with a soft flavor, a nice, firm and fluffy bite.

Bases pizza that will make the delights of the more pizzeros, with a crunchy bite and a firm base to be able to take the portion and hold it without problems until giving it a good bite.

Hamburgers with a rather flattened way to give prominence also to the ingredients inside. With a great consistency by grabbing them, keeping the bread together and the ingredients inside until the last bitten.

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