Bread wheat brioche with raisins and walnuts 300g ecological craftsmanship

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Sweet sweet pastry dough elaborated with natural wheat mother, first cold extraction olive oil, eggs, with wholemeal sugar cane and wholemeal wheat flour (flours with its germ). It contains sultana raisins and nuts. It is presented individually in shape mold.
  • Ecological and NO-OGM: product with 100% organic ingredients and packed with 100% recyclable materials. Without genetically modified organisms.
  • Integral flour and natural mother mass: elaborated 100% with wholemeal flour. Elaborated with cultivated natural mother mass and careful in the worker by our bakers teachers, with which we got a nice bread both in textures and flavors.
  • Suitable: product suitable for people with lactose intolerances (100% lactose-free), without soy, without butters, without palm oil, without preservatives or chemical dyes.
  • Without soy, without lactose, without preservatives: Soybean is not used in the Biopanadería worker for any of the elaborations, so you will not even find soy traces. Just as no milk derivative is used, leaving our products completely free of lactose. Without preservatives or artificial dyes, only the conservation and color that can give the natural ingredients themselves with a clean formula with the righteous and necessary ingredients.
  • Long duration: Product packed in protective atmosphere with thermal seal, allowing the product to lengthen its conservation to be able to consume it in the best conditions and without having been altered by any external component.


Wheat Flour *, Egg *, Natural Made of Wheat *, Raisins * (5%), Nuts * (5%), Extra virgin olive oil *, Integral cane sugar *, Integral oatmeal *, Salt, essence of orange * and cinnamon *. (* of biological production)

It can contain traces of shell and sesame fruits.


It contains gluten, egg, raisins and fruits of shell. It may contain traces of sesame.

Useful life

Preferred consumption of 30 days.

Nutritional information

Nutritional information for 100g

Energetic value

1594 KJ.

380.9 Kcal.


12.1 G.

of which saturates

1.7 G.


45.3 G.

of which sugars

13.3 G.

Dietary fiber

51 G.


9.5 G.


0.3 G.

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