Khorasan Kamut wheat bread mould ® Organic whole wheat 450g

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Biological bread mold bread is a kind of bread coated with oatmeal, which is made of Khorasan Kamut wheat flour ® Whole wheat and natural mother dough, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, based on white flour and whole wheat flour (whole wheat flour), containing sesame, oats and sunflower seeds. No preservatives, additives or sugar are added.

Product characteristics

Wheat Khorasan Kamut ® It is a durum wheat variety with higher protein content and higher energy value than ordinary wheat. Because of extra virgin olive oil and seeds, it contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated healthy fats. Made from Khorasan Kamut wheat ® Complete points, not added and saved.

  • Ecology: made of 100% biological production ingredients, 100% recyclable polypropylene packaging.
  • Natural mother's dough: made from natural mother's dough grown and cared for by our baking master in El Obrador, it is very good in texture and taste.
  • Health: low sugar and low saturated fat.
  • Beneficial: because there is no hybridization, it is considered to be a very pure durum wheat, rich in essential nutrients and an ideal food for a healthy, diversified and balanced diet. A large number of vitamins, especially group B (B1, B2 and B3) and vitamin E, enable the body to make better use of hydrates, promote energy production and maintain the good state of the nervous system.
  • Whole wheat flour: whole wheat Khorasan Kamut flour with germ and no bran.
  • Long term use: packed in a protective atmosphere and heat sealed, so that the product can prolong the storage time so that it can be used under the best conditions without being disturbed by any external parts.


The bread weighs about 450 grams and is packaged in a protective atmosphere.

Preservation method

The product should be stored in a cool (< 20 ° C) and dry (< 70% humidity) place.

Presentation - packaging

It appears in the form of die cutting. Packed in 100% recyclable PA / PE (polyamide / polyethylene) bags.

Priority consumption

Within 30 days after product manufacturing.


Not suitable for patients with celiac disease, allergic to sesame and sunflower tubes.


Perfect for breakfast, snacks and snacks. Applicable to various preparations.


Khorasan Kamut wheat flour® Whole wheat *, wheat natural parent material *, Oatmeal * (4%), sunflower seeds * (4%), Sesame * (4%) And salt. (biological production)

Nutritional information

Nutritional information per 100g:

Energy value

1401.8 kJ

335.4 kcal



Which is saturated

1.0 g



Among them sugar

1.4 g

dietary fiber



18.2 G


366.4 mg

Nutrition declaration (EC regulation)
Regulations 1924 / 2006 and 116 / 2010)

Low saturated fat content.
Low sugar.
Without sugar.
It contains naturally occurring sugar.
Protein source
High fiber content.

Kamut ® It is a registered trademark of Kamut International Limited.

Regulation Council, Certifications and Records


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