Trigo Khorasan Kamut ® Comprehensive Ecological 400g Bread Bar



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Bread in bar made with Harina of Trigo Khorasan Kamut ® Integral (complete flours with its germ), natural mother mass and AOVE extra virgin olive oil in cold first extraction.

Suitable for all types of preparation. It comes uncut.
No preservatives or additives added.

✔ LOW IN FAT AND HIGH IN PROTEIN: Apto for any type of diet, low in saturated fat, high protein content and low sugar content.

♥ NUTRITIVO: As for its main benefits, having suffered no hybridization, it is considered an extremely pure hard wheat, very rich in essential nutrients, making it an ideal food within a healthy, varied and balanced diet. With high volume of vitamins, highlighting those of group B (B1, B2 and B3) in addition to vitamin E, which allow the organism to better use the hydrates, facilitating the production of energy and keeping the nervous system in good condition.

✔ ECOLOGICAL and NO-GMO: Elaborated with 100% organic production ingredients and packaged in 100% recyclable polypropylene. Product without Genetically modified (non-GMO) organisms and do not contain, have not been in contact, or in their manufacturing process have intervened GMOs in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003.

✔ INTEGRAL FLOUR and NATURAL MOTHER MASS: Made 100% with Harina of Integral Kamut. Elaborated with Masa Madre Natural cultivated and cared for in the worker by our Master Panaderos, with which we get a nice bread in both textures and flavors.

✔ Long duration: Packaging in protective atmosphere with thermal sealing, which allows the product to lengthen its preservation in order to be able to consume it in the best conditions and without having been altered by any external component.

    Features of the Trigo Khorasan Kamut

    The Kamut is one of the oldest known varieties. Highlighted by its higher concentration of proteins, lipids, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Not hybridized or generically modified.

    Easy digestibility, sweet and creamy nutty flavor, and with a firm consistency.

    History of Kamut

    Khorasan Kamut wheat has not been modified using modern breeding systems, it is grown on certified organic farms, with a dry climate similar to that of its origins.

    Probably originally from Mesopotamia, there are legends that indicate that this grain was found in Egyptian tombs.

    Extended Description


    The approximate weight of the bread is 400 gr.
    Packaging in protective atmosphere.

    Method of Conservation

    The product should be kept in cool (<20ºC) and dry (<70% humidity).


    Packaging in protective atmosphere, in PA/PE bags (polyamide/polyethylene).

    Preferred Consumption

    30 days after its preparation.

    Product Properties

    Product suitable for people with lactose intolerance, 100% lactose-free.

    Khorasan Kamut ® Wheat is a variety of durum wheat with more protein, and energy value than conventional wheat.

    Made with Trigo Khorasan Kamut ® Full Integral, with no added saved.


    Product not suitable for coeliac


    Ideal for breakfasts, snacks and snacks.


    Trigo Khorasan Kamut flour® Integral *, Masa Natural Mother of Wheat *, Harina of Avena * and Sal. (* of Biological Production)

    It may contain traces of nuts and sesame.

    Nutrition Information

    Nutritional Information per 100g:

    Energy Value





    of which Saturadas


    Carbono hydrates


    of which sugars


    Food fibre






    Nutrition claims (EC REGULATION
    Nº1924/2006 AND EC REGULATION NO 116/2010)

    Low saturated fat content.
    Low sugar content.
    No added sugars.
    It contains naturally present sugars.
    Protein source.
    High fiber content.

    Kamut® is a registered trademark owned by Kamut International Ltd.

    Regulation Council, Certifications and Records


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