Pizza Vegetariana con Calabaza

We open the recipe section with a delicious pizza elaborated by @manjar_de_dioses, that with your permission we share and you can also enjoy in your own ¡¡#pizzafriday!!

Today we dined vegetarian pizza. Taking advantage of the dough I had @bioandelos since a time ago. I can not say more than impressive ... a pizza with mother dough that is fluffy and crisp at the same time ... how long without enjoying me #pizzafriday!! I have put on the dough a lot of rich and direct things to the oven.
🍕 Homemade tomato sauce.
🍕 Pumpkin.
🍕 Red pepper.
🍕 Onion.
🍕 Green olives.
🍕 Oregano and salt.
🍕 Many cheese without lactose.
I love pizzas with a lot of cheese, it's never too cheese hahaha.
What is your favorite pizza?

From BioAndelos. We hope you try it and tell us that you have seemed to you. What do you think of the basis? Would you like to have other types of bases? Maybe a family format? Or maybe a pizza base elaborated with Kamut flour?


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