Pizza de Base de Espelta Ecológica con Verduras - Biopanadería

Another delicious pizza made by@manjar_de_dioseswith Spelt base of Biopanadería. They go well with dinner to start a perfect Saturday night!

Today we had vegetable pizza. Pizza Saturdays are the best! The mass is of integral spelt of@bioandelosI got a good batch in the freezer.
Today's super pizza takes:

🍕 Homemade tomato sauce with oregano.
🍕 Natural tomato.
🍕 Red pepper.
🍕 Onion.
🍕 Black olives.
🍕 Wild asparagus.
🍕 A little lactose-free cheese.

I like pizzas with toasted edges.
Today has been a super productive day, I have been putting plants in the garden. A great reward for getting your energy back.
A pizza is not always junk food, with good ingredients is a wonder. What's your favorite pizza?

Our favorite pizza without a doubt carries a organic pizza base biopanadería. And yours?

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