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The Panettone It is a bread made with a brioche mass mass and raisins or fruits. Dessert originally from Milan in Italian Lombardy. Mainly developed with flour, mother or yeast, eggs, butter and sugar. In rural areas, corn flour and apples were used.

The Romans already elaborated a sweet bread Based on wheat and honey, there is a testimony of it in a painting and a 16th-century recipe book.

About the origin There are varied legends:

One of them says that it originated by mistake in the kitchen of Ludovico El Moro., Lord of Milan, when burning dessert prepared for Christmas dinner. A fucking that he had saved some leftovers elaborated a sweet bread very well climbed and full of candied fruit and butter, which was immediately taken to the Duke. He was so successful that he asked who had elaborated him and told him that he had been the fucking his name Antonio And that the dessert had no name. The Duke then gave him the name "The Toni Bread"Or abbreviated"Panettone”.

Another legend, which sucks sweet everywhere, says a young noble, in love with the daughter of a baker, became a pastryman's apprentice and elaborated a sweet bread in the form of a dome and with candied fruits. He had such success in Milan that people came to the pastry shop searching "The Toni Bread"That this was the name of the apprentice.

However, the first registry of the Panettone as a traditional Christmas sweet Milanese is an article by the writer Petro Verri in the eighteenth century, who called him "Pane di tone."(Big bread).

At the margin of legends, the origin should be sought in the Middle Ages, of course Milan and of course in each of the Sforza family due to a rite that was celebrated every December 24.

Three large wheat loaves were served, raw material of great value for the time, of which two were divided into dishes to each of the diners, keeping the third for the following year, as a sign of continuity. This is collected in a manuscript of Giorgio Valagussa, a preceptor of the Sforza house.

The Panettone has three stages:

Baja Panettone.

The first was a low bread, hogaza type, because it baked without any type of mold due to the small amount of fat used in its elaboration.

Panettone Alto.

The second, Panettone Alto, began in the 1920s when he wrapped up with an old paper to contain the amount of fat that was added.
He was called Panettone-Mushroom, because when Levar came out of the mold in that unique way. This recipe is from Angelo Motta, which began to elaborate more industrially.

We return to low bread

And in the third stage, we return to low bread, although molds are still used due to the fat they carry and that makes it last so long and continue to be fluffy.

They currently coexist the two types of Panettone with paper mold, high and bass.

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