Fechas de consumo en panadería, bollería y repostería ecológica de Biopanadería

First of all, it is important to know that in foods Biopanadería, When dealing with bakery, pastry and pastry products, the date indicated on its labeling is not expiration, but about preferential consumption.

While the expiration date indicates the consumer when a product is not safe, the preferential consumption It points out a possible decline in the organoleptic properties of food, not so on safety, being able to perform a series of checks before consuming it.

How do we know that the product can be ingested after the preferential date?

We indicate our recommended steps so that you can perform such validation yourself:

First, That visually the food is in perfect condition, that is, without molds.

Second, that their aromas are adequate, although they are very aromatic breads.

Third, That its flavor is perfect, without rancid flavors.

By last, if there is any kind of doubt about your consumption after checking the 3 previous points, in BioAndelos.We are available via email, whatsapp and phone call to be able to resolve these as soon as possible and for your well-being.

Where can I find the date of preferential consumption in the food Biopanadería.?

The date of Preferential consumptionIt is indicated at the bottom of the label, just above our elaborating company data.

What if the container has already been opened?

Depending on the type of elaborate this can preserve better or worse its properties. BioAndelos.It always recommends not delaying in the consumption of the food once the container is opened.

If we comply with conditions of conservation ideal temperature (between 15th and 18th), little humidity and without incidence of sunlight, we can lengthen the deterioration of the product. If the correct parameters are not met, the conservation conditions will not be optimal, so the preferential consumption date will be trimmed ostensibly.

With this article we hope to help you enjoy our elaborate in the best way possible.

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