El desayuno saludable sin calculadora, báscula o número de calorías

In this article we will try to reflect how the most recommendable breakfasts would be within our culinary customs. We will expose both fast breakfasts, as restful breakfast, since the lifestyle in the rural environment is not the same, as in the urban environment, as is not the same if we work in the field with our feet and hands that if we do it with A tractor, and neither is it the same if every day we went out to run from tomorrow, that if we go direct to the office. Nowadays we possibly get up and go through a few meters to sit at the place we have enabled in our home to teleworking.

Without calculator in hand and much less scale, not focusing on percentages or number of calories. We want to talk about breakfast, starting from the basis that it is the most important meal of the day and sometimes it is not given that importance it has. It must be as complete as possible depending on the work that we are going to do, and it is possible to enjoy it, considering that it is the best we can eat at that moment to start the day healthy and with energy.

A type of breakfast or another will depend on several factors, such as the energy expenditure that is going to be done until lunch, the time that can be devoted and the type of work that is going to be done. It is important to get a balance and not go hungry to the next intake, which can be a lunch, or perhaps, for the requirements of our work, food.

It is not the same a farmer, that an office worker, a surgeon or a student. They have a different energy expenditure and different possibilities of ingesting food or performing breaks during their activity, and therefore, our recommendations will be directed and considering that there are different situations.

How should be breakfast?

Breakfast should be as complete as possible, with healthy ingredients, and which have to contain:

  • Carbohydrates: We contribute them with cereals that we will find in bread, mueslis, flakes, etc ...
  • Fats: Always being decanted by the healthiest, we will find them in dairy such as milk, yogurt or cheeses as typical foods of our culture, as well as nuts, salmon and avocado. Secondarily bacon and butters (who to get used).
  • Proteins: Present in the eggs, the ham (York, Serrano or turkey), the quinoa, yoghurts, and in our land the curd.
  • Vitamins: We can easily get them from fresh fruit, preferably seasonal, and choosing to taste. Vitamin D in the yolk, being one of the few foods that contain vitamin D, along with others not least.
  • Minerals: Also mentioned before, we will find them in foods such as cereals, dairy, fruit, egg, fish. Making special mention among fruits to the banana, an important source of potassium.
  • This is generally basic, the essential. So let's go to practical issues.

    Healthy fast breakfast

    Although we talk about a quick breakfast, we always have to try to eat as much as possible, but we are aware that that is not always possible, as long as we can try.

    For this proposal we could talk about:

    • Coffee with milk or milk-cocoa.
    • Two toast of integral bread. To be able to be, enriched with other cereals or seeds that we can include any of the following combinations:
      • Olive oil.
      • Tomato chopped with olive oil.
      • Avocado to which we can add nuts or tomato, for example.
      • Butter and / or jam.
    • Part of fruit and / or a freshly squeezed fruit juice or vegetables. Preferably the piece of fruit because we ingest fiber and more number of vitamins than if we do it in juice.

    Full and healthy breakfast to hold long periods

    The most suitable breakfast to consume for people who start early and do not stop mid-morning would be the most complete.

    • Coffee with milk either an option with milk or vegetable liquefied.
    • Scrambled eggs or tortilla.
    • Full-length bread toast. And as we have mentioned at the previous breakfast, to be, enriched with other cereals or seeds that we can include any of the following combinations:
      • Olive oil.
      • Tomato chopped with olive oil.
      • Avocado smeared to which we can add nuts or tomato, for example.
      • Butter and / or jam.
    • Salmon, fried bacon or ham.
    • Fruit.
    • Cheese.

    Breakfast should always accompany him from a glass of water, since hydration is very important and makes the kidneys work properly and will also make pauses between bite and bite.

    Recommended biopandery products to accompany a good breakfast

    As a generality we can conclude that these are the most recommended products to prepare a good breakfast and with them each one who does the most like.

    • Bread, especially integral, with the cereals most suitable for each person. You have to understand that there are intolerant people to wheat, oatmeal and other cereals.
    • Cookies or pasta.
    • Muffin.
    • Tartlets.

    As for carbohydrates we recommend our products elaborated with ecological raw material of the best quality and with a disposal of specialties in a wide variety of flours starting with integral wheat, continuing with integral spell, wheat Khorasan Kamut, an integral rye, oats and Saracene, In your options enriched with different seeds.

    Our pastry, pastries or cookies elaborated with the various mentioned flours and variations that make them very appetizing.

    The same can be said of our brioches, in wheat flour and spelled and enriched with chocolate, raisins and nuts in different combinations.

    Our cereal and muesli packaging, and other products that if not so specific can serve for a full and varied breakfast.

    Concluding the article, as my admired Cristino Álvarez, Caius Apicius said .... "Imagination to the Fogón" ... and in this case Breakfast!

    What kind of breakfast are you? Fast? Full? What is your favorite breakfast? Are you toast or preferred muffins? All these questions and many more come up, share the answers with us and send us your comments!


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