Cómo conservar los elaborados frescos de Biopanadería

Among our consumers there are doubts about the conservation of fresh products of Biopanadería.. To solve all of them and that you can enjoy our products without losing any of them along the way. Next, we indicate how to preserve our fresh elaborate so that they endure in perfect condition for longer.

This article focuses mainly on the conservation of our breads, buns and muffins.

  • The product, as indicated by its label, can be preserved without opening in perfect condition, in a cool, dry place, no incidence of sunlight.
  • The preferential consumption date will depend on whether the product is bread, bun or cupcake. In the case of bread or muffins, we indicate a preferential consumption around 21 days from its elaboration. And in the case of the buns this date is lengthened at 30 days. Being a food without preservatives or additives, depending on the conservation conditions of the product, this date may be higher or lower.
  • The vacuum packaging with controlled atmosphere allows (according to the tests carried out in our observer, between 15th and 18th, without concentration of humidity) an optimal conservation of the food until the date of preferred consumption indicated.
  • If it is preserved in the refrigerator with low temperatures without being able to be controlled in detail and unopened, the conservation will probably be good. Once open there can be humidity concentration which favors the formation of molds. To try to avoid this, we can save the product in the same container but letting the product be able to perspire.
  • Whenever the product is in good visual condition, it can be consumed.
  • If a freezer is available, the food can hold on its original container without opening up to 3 months without losing any of its qualities.
  • If you are not going to consume the product in less than 5-7 days, we recommend wrapping the slices that you will consume daily on film or similar paper and save it in the freezer.
  • Once the container is opened, we recommend that it be consumed in the shortest possible time in order to enjoy its excellent properties. It can be stored for about 5 days in the same container closing it but, as we have said before, at the same time allowing the product to breathe, so condensation within the bag.

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