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Ecological fine oat flakes Biopanadería.. From BioAndelos., as elaborators of ecological, sustainable and respectful products with the environment, we are committed to the environment and people.

We put at your disposal the same ingredients with which we perform our ecological elaborate, such as breads, buns and cookies, in this case, Fine Oatocks. With those who can perform shape their own recipes with the highest quality ecological ingredients.

Oat flakes contain hydrates, proteins, fats and fibers, thus being one of the most balanced cereals. It is reconstituting, it provides a lot of energy. (It improves fatigue, fatigue and stress). Activates the digestive system by acting against constipation, gastritis and hemorrhoids.

What are whole oatmeal flakes?

Integral oat flakes of biopanadería are a food based 100% whole, ecological oatmeal flakes, no added sugars or preservatives.

Oatmeal is a herbaceous annual cycle plant. It is recognized as a member of one of the vegetable food collectives with greater weight at the base of the human food pyramid, cereals.

Oat flakes consist of oat grains crushed mechanically with the aim of making them more digestive, without affecting at all the original food properties of the grain.

Characteristics of integral oat flakes

Cereal oats: Oatmeals provides proteins and vitamins, mainly from Group B. It is one of the most complete cereals that exist.

RAW product: Biopanaderia oat flakes are a completely pure product, without fillings or additives, developed according to the highest quality standards.


Long oatmeal flakes * (* Biological culture)

It can contain traces of shell and sesame fruits.

Nutritional information

Nutritional information for 100g:

Energetic value

1475 kj.

350 Kcal.


5.3 G.

of which saturates

1 G.


56.6 G.

of which sugars

1.2 G.

Dietary fiber

14.7 G.


11.6 G.


0.03 G.

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